There’s A Substantial Bounty For The First Person To Hack The iPhone 5s’s Fingerprint Sensor

Nick DePetrillo is putting his money where his mouth is. As people debated online the feasibility of hacking the fingerprint sensor on the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5s, he decided to do one better: The security researcher sent out a tweet offering $100 to the first person with video evidence of lifting and reproducing a fingerprint to unlock the iPhone. That simple message sent Wednesday night has resulted in many others chipping in–dollars, Bitcoin, wine–resulting in a cumulative bounty of more than $13,000 at the time of this post.

“Nothing is 100% hackproof. Nothing is 100% secure,” DePetrillo told Fast Company. “I’m just arguing from what I believe that the company has done a very good job implementing Touch ID. Everyone in the industry is criticizing the sensor even before the actual phone is released.”

via Fast Company.

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