Death To Tech Specs

Reviewing Apple products can be a daunting task–not because they’re too complicated and nuanced to explain but because it’s hard not to use slobbering superlatives. To wit: This week, reviews of the iPhone 5s and 5c were brimming with praise: Critics described the phones’ polished and delightful experience, calling the 5s the “fastest” and “most advanced” and “most game-changing” iteration to date, “the best smartphone on the market [made] even better.”

The devices are, indeed, superb. That hasn’t changed for a while now. What’s shifted since Apple entered the mobile market is how critics talk about devices. It wasn’t that long ago that gigahertz and RAM capacity and L2 cache size and other tech jargon were top of mind for reviewers. And though such intricately detailed write-ups still crop up, most have skewed away from wonky, technical specifications and toward more experience-based product understandings.

via Fast Company.

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