Apple? They Make The Cheap Plastic Phones, Right?

Apple could learn a lot from the fall of Burberry. The once-exclusive fashion brand became associated with trashy youth by greedily licensing out its signature tan chequered pattern for use on baseball caps and other cheap clothes. Suddenly, the rich clientele it had catered to for a century wanted nothing to do with Burberry. Could Apple’s iPhone brand have the same trouble after selling the cheaper, color-splashed iPhone 5c?

Obviously there are a lot of differences between Burberry and Apple. Apple isn’t licensing the iPhone name to be shoddily produced by another company. And people buy iPhones for their utility, not just their fashion. But by selling cheaper (than the 5s), loudly-colored phones, there’s a chance it could negatively impact the perception of the status of the iPhone brand to more sophisticated luxury consumers.

via TechCrunch.

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