10 Awesomely Tasteful Animated GIFs

Over the last few years, animated GIFs have spread like kudzu–fun kudzu! But still, kudzu–to all corners of the web. They’re a staple of TV show recaps; they’re the format du jour for artists on Tumblr; they’re shorthand in Twitter conversations and can serve as a succinct riposte in a message board debate. As a whole, they perfectly capture the spirit of the slightly zany, attention-deficient internet epoch we’re currently living in: the Age of Buzzfeed. GIFs are so ubiquitous, in fact, that if you change your focus slightly, it can be easier to notice the places you don’t often see them used. One example? Illustrations.

While animated GIFs have trampled over still images, Flash animations, and even in some cases video clips as a way to inject multimedia pizazz into text-based content, animated illustrations remain a rarity. It’s a bit odd. Flip through an issue of The New Yorker or open up the Sunday Review section of The New York Times and you’ll find heaps of illustrations, begging to be animated. Look at the web versions of those visuals, though, and they’re almost always lifeless. Almost always.

via Wired.com.

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