The Nexus of Forces: more business focus, less tech

The Nexus of Forces has been a huge focus for research house Gartner for the last two years. The Nexus, which comprises of the four key pillars of tech, consists of information, mobile, cloud, and social. These remain top priorities for technologists in companies, says Gartner’s chief of research and VP Chris Howard.

According to Howard, who was speaking at the 2013 Gartner Symposium, “the Nexus of Forces applies to people inside and outside the organization, in multiple roles. Many emergent Nexus of Forces scenarios involve the Internet of Things and the Nexus of Forces requires a reset of security and risk management posture.”

According to Gartner, the convergence of these forces creates new opportunities for businesses, as every single business today is a digital business.

via Memeburn.

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