Team task management app Flow gets a huge overhaul. Still the most beautiful tool of its kind

The new Flow is fantastic for companies and individuals who frequently work with the same team. It means it’s super easy to keep everyone on the same page and to on-board (and off-board) teammates. It’s not so awesome for freelancers as it means they’ll need to have a separate workspace for every company they’re working with. And much like competitor Asana, the major downside with this is that there’s no simple way of viewing all the tasks across all your workspaces in one place. The good news is that Flow says this feature is designed and virtually ready to go.

Flow does provide pretty decent control within a workspace however, letting you segment the workspace into groups by ‘team’, ‘product’ and ‘company’ – so one can easily share what they want with who you want.

via The Next Web.

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