Can Samsung Be The Next Microsoft?

Microsoft had dominated the operating system and software landscape for decades. Over many years, the company worked with hardware and software vendors to build an ecosystem that reinforced Microsoft’s position. Today, new operating systems, applications and device makers have surfaced with the rise of mobility. It’s apparent that the mobile device and operating landscape is rapidly usurping the traditional PC-based world. While most individuals and businesses will continue to use PCs for some time, it’s become easier to use tablets and smartphones for business tasks.

With billions of dollars of new device and applications sales up for grabs, heavyweights such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are battling for the mobile crown. It’s unclear which company will become the enterprise mobile market leader. Will the title go to a consumer-oriented company because of adoption of the Bring Your Own Device trend within workplace? Or will IT seek out a more suitable enterprise-focused play?

via Forbes.

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