One Easy Way To Stop Target And Other Companies From Selling Your Data

Living a normal life in the digital era inevitably means giving up some personal data. It’s akin to carrying a large bucket filled with water to the top. As hard as you may try, some water will splash over the rim of the bucket, nurturing the tree of personal data that grows below. But with some effort, you can minimize the spillage.

One startup site that went live today wants to help minimize the leakage by offering to opt you out of data collection by 1,430 public companies such as Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Best Buy. In an effort to build a startup, Daniel Vitiello and his site is offering to send opt out requests free of charge to major retail firms, phone operators, data aggregators and Internet tracking companies.

“All these companies they have opt out policies where individuals can go to their web site and opt themselves out. But it would take hours to do that with every company your interact with,” he said, putting especially strong emphasis on the word ‘hours.’

via Forbes.

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