Jelly Bean powering close to half of all Android devices, but fragmentation still exists

Over the past three months, Jelly Bean’s usage share has increased by over 10 percentage points.

As far as versions older than Android 2.2, according to Google as of August 2013 they accounted for about one percent of devices that checked in to Google servers (not those that actually visited Google Play Store). This means that they are now very thin on the ground.

This might be good news for developers as it means they can focus their efforts onto the new operating system releases. However, Jelly Bean’s nearest rival is Android 2.3.x Gingerbread, a version first released back in February 2011, and this version continues to power 28.5 percent of the devices accessing the Google Play store.

Another fragmentation issue to bear in mind here is that Google has decided to release three different versions of Jelly Bean, and the lion’s share of usage is from 4.1.x (also known as API level 16), a version first released July 2012. This means that there’s considerable fragmentation among devices running Jelly Bean, with the majority unable to benefit from features introduced in versions 4.2.x and 4.3.

via ZDNet.

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