Google Is Sneaking Chrome OS Into Windows 8’s “Metro” Mode

It was one thing when Google’s Chrome apps managed to break out of the browser and become real, offline apps, but clearly that is not Google’s real long-term play. A recent update to the developer version of Google Chrome basically runs Chrome OS inside of Windows 8.

The new feature, dug up by The Verge, basically allows the “Metro” interface for Chrome to turn into its own multi-windowed mini desktop, complete with a bottom bar of Chrome apps and pretty much everything else you could expect from the browser-based OS.

For the moment, the functionality is super buggy—we had a hard time getting the desktop to display full screen, and even then the mouse cursor was oddly misplaced. And even though this pseudo-Chrome OS is running in “Metro” mode, it requires the browser to have its real roots in the desktop. That means this trick only works for Windows 8 Pro and not RT.

via Gizmodo.

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