Watch Out, Facebook: Why Google And Pinterest Are Gaining As Social Rivals

Watch out, Facebook. A new survey says you may not be the cock of the social media walk for much longer. According to the latest numbers from social login provider Gigya, Facebook’s social lead is falling—and Google and Pinterest may not be far behind.

What Gigya tracks is social login, the practice of websites that enables users to sign in through a social network instead of creating a site-specific username and password. Their study is particularly significant because of its scale—since Gigya’s clients include more than 700 leading brands including Microsoft, Pepsi and Forbes, this is closer than we usually get to an Internet-sized analysis.

However, it’s important to note that a measurement of social logins is entirely different than a measurement of site traffic coming to or from social networks. This study simply shows which social networks people prefer to use when logging in to third party sites, and it’s important because it reveals users’ preferred networks.

via ReadWrite.

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