Critical Mass in Social Media

As much as digital marketing experts might wax on about the opportunities for one-to-one relationships or customized communications, brands still need to gain a sufficient audience – to which I refer as critical mass — and return to warrant the investment in social media marketing.  There is a blaring gap between the impact of mass media and a Facebook page with an anemic number of fans.  Where is the breaking point in social media?  Is there such a single number?

The question must not be limited to the total number of people who have liked a Facebook page.  The answer lies in the number of people who view and, more pertinently, interact and ‘engage’ with the Facebook page on an ongoing basis.  Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm formerly known as “EdgeRank”* — a.k.a. secret manipulations – Facebook page posts will not systematically pollute a fans’ news stream.  Purportedly, according to some 1000 different inputs, Facebook attempts to ensure that only the best posts get through naturally — i.e. without payment.  That’s good news from the user’s perspective.  Less easy to swallow for a brand.

via Social Media Today.

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