This Is the iPad You Should Buy

Apple just rolled out its fifth-generation iPad, and with it a new name: the iPad Air. It also gave us a new iPad mini with a Retina display. When you include the iPad 2 and the original iPad mini, which the company left in its lineup as well, that leaves four devices with multiple configurations. That’s a lot of iPad. So which should you buy? We’ve got a pick for you in both the mini and full-size model.

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first: Don’t buy the iPad 2 or original iPad mini. Sure, they’re less expensive than the newer models, but not enough so that it’s worth missing out on the A7 chipsets, Retina displays, and new enclosures. Get one of last year’s models today, and you’re making a lousy purchasing decision. Go new.

Storage is an easy call too. Unless you plan to use the iPad as your primary computer (if you do, go big), get the 16GB model. Odds are you won’t be using it to take hundreds or thousands of photos like you might with a phone that eat up storage. Yes, you may have to sync it regularly, but for most people 16GB should be plenty of space.


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