Welcome to the world’s largest offline search engine

If you’re reading this, it’s highly probable you not only own a smartphone, but regularly use it to access the Internet.

But what about the vast majority of Earth’s population that not only don’t have access to a smartphone, but any form of regular Web access? This is where Innoz comes into play, as it looks to plug the massive gap between access to information and, well, the desire for access to information.

At a packed auditorium at Wired 2013, Innoz co-founder Deepak Ravindran gave his keynote via Skype hooked up to a big screen, having been denied a visa to enter the UK. But that didn’t stop Deepak from explaining how his company has been making huge waves with its SMSGyan service.

The offline Google

Indeed, SMSGyan has been described as the offline Google, letting people access the Internet from any mobile phone.

“I truly believe that there is an Internet offline,” says co-founder Deepak Ravindran. And he’s not talking about caches for offline access either. “The way that I’m trying to achieve this is through a simple platform which is what we call SMS.”

via The Next Web.

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