Bromium scores $40M to make computing safer

Bromium, a startup that is uses a micro-hypervisor that isolates workloads on your computer, now has $40 million in new Series C funding to expand sales worldwide and to bolster product development.

As GigaOM has reported, the company, founded by Xen hypervisor co-creators Simon Crosby (pictured above) and Ian Pratt as well as Guarav Banga — aims to isolate and harden different tasks on your computer without injecting complexity for the user.

Bromium’s Microvisor uses the hardware virtualization in Intel CPUs to create what the company calls “micro-VMs” that launch each time the user opens an application, clicks on a link or downloads an attachment. The micro-VM uses just the resources required by the job at hand and then evaporates when it’s over. The idea here is that because the jobs are isolated, small and ephemeral, this risks of malware attacks are limited.

via GigaOm.

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