Facebook’s referral traffic has exploded over the last year, and mobile now contributes more than a quarter

Social analytics firm Shareaholic today released Facebook referral traffic data for the last year. The most noticeable trend by far is the fact that mobile referrals have grown to account for more than one in four of Facebook’s total referrals.

More specifically, Facebook’s mobile referrals were 12.1 percent of its total referrals in September 2012. This figure more than doubled in September 2013 to 26.7 percent. Here’s the breakdown from Shareholic, which tracks 250 million users visiting its network of 200,000 publishers:

Here’s how Shareholic summarizes the table:

  • Publishers saw traffic from Facebook mobile users grow 253 percent.
  • More than half of Facebook’s referral traffic growth came from mobile. Facebook’s overall growth increased by 3.84 percentage points while mobile alone grew 1.98 percentage points.

Shareholic has previously shared that Facebook referrals make up more than 10 percent of overall traffic to its publishers (of the eight social media platforms the firm tracks, Facebook is unsurprisingly the largest). Today it is showing what effect mobile has had on this overall growth. Percentages of percentages aside, it’s clear that Facebook’s mobile referrals are driving Facebook’s overall referrals, which in turn is showing up as a jump in traffic from the social network.

via The Next Web.

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