Sencha tries to solve Web app distribution problems with Sencha Space

Distributing a Web-based application is supposed to be easier than relying on the platform-makers’ app stores. Apple and Google are creating walled gardens, the Web is a bastion of freedom — stop me if you’ve heard this one before. In practice, however, distributing Web-based applications can be even more of a hassle than relying on native ones, especially if the apps are meant to be used only by certain people, such as employees at an enterprise company.

Sencha, an HTML5 framework developer, announced its attempt to solve that problem, Sencha Space. The service, which is available as a beta product and will operate on a freemium model, is both a secure application for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices and an administration console that makes it easy to control who gets access to a company’s Web application, and which Web-based apps those people are able to use on their devices.

via PandoDaily.

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