Google says its latest PageSpeed modules help render pages up to 2x faster, particularly on mobile devices

As part of its mission to speed up the Web, Google today announced the latest beta versions of its mod_pagespeed and ngx_pagespeed modules add new optimizations that result in a big performance bump. The company says it is seeing pages rendering up to 2x faster, particularly on mobile devices.

The jump comes thanks to new PageSpeed optimizations (the first two) and existing PageSpeed optimizations (the last two):

  • prioritize_critical_css finds the CSS rules that are used to initially render your page.
  • The critical image beacon identifies the images that appear on screen when your page is first rendered and uses this to guide lazyload_images and inline_preview_images.
  • defer_javascript prevents scripts from running until the page has loaded.
  • convert_jpeg_to_webp reduces the size of images that are downloaded by webp-capable browsers.

via The Next Web.

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