Mobile Gaming Will Overtake AAA Business, Says Developer

Despite the fact that mobile gaming really isn’t as lucrative in actuality (and hard facts) as many mobile studio adopters would lead everyone to believe, there are some who are still drinking the fruity liquid of mobile propaganda like it was 1999 and going out of style like Prince heading into the aughts. managed to get in an interview with Ubisoft‘s current online content supervisor, Teut Weidemann. He stats right off the bat that he’s only working with Ubisoft under contract, hence why the headline doesn’t read “Mobile Gaming Will Overtake AAA Business, Says Ubisoft”. Also, Yves Guillemot would have a heart attack if anyone in the company even remotely suggested that their money-milker franchise was in trouble… Assassin’s Creed.

Anyway, Weidermann makes it known that the smartphone market is the disruptive market and that we could be seeing history repeat itself the way it happened with the original NES when it came onto the market and destroyed the Colecovision, Amiga and Atari after the great gaming fall of the 80s. Weidermann also goes on to say…

“The reach the smartphone gives us into territories where we’d never done business before is so immense, and still growing,”

via Gaming Blend.

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