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Klout Users Can Now Customize How They Appear in Bing Seach Results

Microsoft and Klout extended their partnership Friday with the introduction of new Klout-verified photos on Bing.

Now when people search for you on Bing you can dictate what photo shows up in search results. You can also add links to your social media profiles, as well as your pubic personal summery on LinkedIn.

Photos and summary information are brought in only if you have a Klout account connected to your LinkedIn profile. If your Klout account is also connected to Twitter, then your two most influential public tweets over the past seven days will also be displayed below your profile. If your Instagram account is connected as well, then your most influential Instagram photos from the past 90 days will also be displayed.

Bing originally partnered with Klout in September of last year. At launch, the feature simply displayed a person’s Klout score in search results. In May of this year the two companies furthered the partnership by having Klout users answer commonly-searched questions based on their expertise, that are then displayed within search results.

via Mashable.

Big Data Startup NGDATA Raises $3.3M For Lily, Its Real-Time Customer Offer Generator

Belgium-based big data startup NGDATA, which also has offices in New York and San Francisco, has closed a $3.3 million funding round, led by Capricorn Venture Partners, with existing investors also participating, including Sniper Investments and unnamed angel investors. The new funding brings NGDATA’s total raised to date to $5.8 million, after a $2.5 million round last October.

NGDATA’s flagship product is a customer intelligence offering called Lily which it sells in to enterprises so they can aggregate multiple customers data-points to target marketing at individual users and personalise offers to drive more sales.

For example, the system can be used to recommend which offers (such as coupons) to push to a mobile user — based on their real-time location, say. Or send relevant offers like an umbrella coupon if it’s raining. Other examples of data Lily looks at includes group/peer behaviour and users’ past shopping preferences.

via TechCrunch.