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Top Trends in Web Application Industry for 2014

Managing access to corporate services and data is no longer limited to closed environments. The BYOD movement is taking off like a tsunami that will bring new opportunities to those that prepared or pain to those who did not. However, embracing BYOD will bring new challenges for managers, IT professionals, and budgeting.

Wonderful solutions that help ease the problems already exist. Nonetheless, this nascent trend also means that experience in setting up viable environments is rare. Some see it as a challenge, but we think of it as a great opportunity!

via Modus Create.

TechnoVision 2014 – No App Apps

With core applications becoming ‘vanilla’ again, the differentiating edge of IT solutions will come from a next generation of applications that are not really applications anymore. They are quickly created by gluing reusable, catalog-based IT services together. They leverage visual, model-driven platforms that work from business process descriptions to generate code. They use self-service BI, BPM and business rules tools to create solutions in close proximity to the business. They apply mobility and portal platforms to create new interfaces without diving into the software underneath.

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Five ways to prepare your app for a supercharged launch on the App Store

The big day is nearly here: In a matter of days, the the app that’s possessed you and your team for the past however-many-months will finally launch to the public. But before popping the cork off that champagne bottle, ask yourself: Are you truly ready for the launch?

Before the App Store came along, everything was simple (well, simpler). You had the app ready, you built the website, you wrote the press release, and you could fully prepare just by getting ready to press a single button. Today, that’s just not feasible.

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