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Running a SaaS startup? ChurnBee is a simple dashboard to track your growth

ChurnBee, from the team behind Newscurve, has just launched in beta form, bringing a simple approach to understanding business and customer data for for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-focused startups.

The software gives SaaS startups access to key business metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Lifetime Value of a customer (LTV), churn, retention, and more.

While it’s by no means the first to offer access to these sort of metrics, and the insights that come from them, ChurnBee is offering it in a far simpler package, by allowing users to select from pre-made ‘recipes’ that incorporate the key metrics in visually appealing, easily presentable and shareable ways.

To get up and running, ChurnBee says it’s a simple two-step process: users integrate the API for the event they want to track (signup, login, cancellation etc) and then select the ‘recipe’ they want to use.

via The Next Web.

Jeff Bezos Sells 1 Million Amazon Shares, Pocketing Over $250 Million After Washington Post Splurge

When the average person runs out of money in their wallet, they hit up a local ATM and withdraw some cash. Jeff Bezos is not the average person. After shelling out $250 million in cash to buy The Washington Post in October, Bezos went to his personal billionaire ATM: his shares. In a Form 4 filed on Monday, the Amazon founder and CEO reported that he cashed out of exactly 1 million shares. The net gain after taxes should come to just over $270 million — enough to replenish Bezos’ piggy bank, and then some.

via Forbes.

Social Events Platform DoubleDutch Raises $10 Million

Rapidly growing mobile events application platform DoubleDutch raised $10 million in Series C funding TechCrunch learned, in an oversubscribed round led in large part by Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners, who will now join the company’s board. Previous investors from DoubleDutch’s A and B rounds, Floodgate Fund, Bullpen Capital and others also participated.

The funding comes at a time when DoubleDutch has moved to singularly focus on developing its mobile event technology, while abandoning its other products including a fairly popular mobile CRM application known as Hive. When speaking with CEO Lawrence Coburn this morning about the funding, he characterized the decision to shutter Hive as one of the toughest he’s ever had to make – especially considering that previous rounds were raised based on Hive’s promise and potential. Ultimately, however, Coburn said it was the right thing to do.

via TechCrunch.