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What to expect when everything’s connected

A future of ubiquitous computing — in traditional devices but also in everyday appliances and home goods — is near. Ahead of our Mobilize even next week we asked 10 thought leaders what this means for us.

We expect the Internet to grow from having 2.4 billion people, each with one to three devices online, today to hosting 5 billion people and

50 billion devices by 2020. How will our interactions, data, design and homes change when this happens? How do we need to change our networks, our thinking on security and our regulations? These are some of the questions we asked 10 thought leaders ahead of our Mobilize event on Oct. 16 and 17th.

We published the essays over the previous two weeks, but we also wanted to pull them into one place so people can reference them in their larger context and think about how ubiquitous computing will change our world. Pick your favorites, or read them all.

via GigaOm.

[Infographic] Your cloud conversation starter – Storage Means Business

No doubt cloud computing is changing the face of the IT channel, and resellers and VARs need to act quickly to ensure they are not left in a cloud of dust. Just consider some of the nuggets in this great infographic via The Cloud Infographic.

  • The largest channel pub CRN says the cloud is ripe to explode – especially among SMBs – the IT Channel’s  primary audience.
  • At least half of the respondents cited show improvements in security, data access, ROI, customer satisfaction, productivity – sounds like all of the buzzwords we have been using for traditional IT over the past 3 decades….could it be even that much better?

But, there are some naysayers, and the largest impediment to cloud adoption (aside from, ironically, security – which appeared as both a benefit, and an obstacle) seems to be awareness and education. Channel resellers and VARs have a great opportunity in front of them to be the trusted advisors SMBs need in navigating the cloud. With all of the talk in the IT circles around cloud, still, 71% never heard of it, nor knew anything about it. This says that the numbers relative to the benefits of the cloud are derived from 29% of those polled. Here is a talking point to kick off your cloud customer discussions, and education.

“Did you know that of the ~30% of SMBs that are aware of the cloud and have implemented cloud computing in some way are experiencing lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, greater agility? That means that your competition, that has adopted the cloud, may be ahead of you in terms of growth. It’s time to take a closer look at the cloud, and what it has to offer your business.”

via Seagate.

2014 enterprise trends: BYOD pain, HTML5 apps, hybrid cloud, SDx

The bring your own device movement is going to strain corporate technology and finance departments as enterprises struggle to manage mobile. Meanwhile, hybrid cloud approaches are going to be hyped and get ready for software defined everything.

Those takeaways were included in Gartner‘s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2014. Not surprisingly, mobile, cloud with multiple plays on big data were front and center for companies. Here’s the breakdown.

  1. Mobile device management. By 2018, the size of the mobile workforce will double or triple. Companies are going to have to set policies and architecture to keep data safe. In other words, BYOD may become a BPITB (big pain in the butt).
  2. HTML5 is the app platform of choice. Gartner is betting that improved JavaScript performance through 2014 will make HTML5 the go-to enterprise application development tool. Companies should look to build targeted mobile apps that can “snap together” to create larger applications.

See the complete list on ZDNet.