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How Creativity Works – And How To Harness Its Power

When you come up with a new idea, where does it come from? Does it just come out of the blue? Are you a genius that has created something from nothing, godlike and mysterious in your ways?

No. It’s not a completely new idea–it’s something new created from one or more old things.

Creativity is the taking of old ideas, and remixing them in new ways that is individual to the creator. The raw materials are out there for anyone to use–look at the ideas all around you, in the online world and in the real world as you walk around each day. There are millions and billions of these ideas, and you can remix them in new ways.

They say there are no new ideas, but the truth is, we can use old ideas in new ways.

via Fast Company.

The creative processing your brain won’t tell you about

We’ve known for some time that our senses detect an inordinate amount of signals. More than we’re ever aware of.

Now new research is showing exactly how much of the things we don’t realize we’re sensing are being interpreted by our subconscious. And the findings shed light not only into how the brain works in unison with our sight, but also how things we don’t consciously see impact our creativity.

The research stems from the University of Arizona, where doctorate candidate Jay Sanguinetti demonstrates that our brains see things that we don’t. The brain then gives meaning to objects just outside of our natural vision without consciously registering that we’ve “seen” something.

When you’re in a museum, walking through a bookstore, sitting in a cafe or at school, you’re not aware of exactly how much you’re actually seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. But, as the study shows, your brain is more than aware.


Why Creativity Thrives In The Dark

Great artists and original thinkers often seem instinctually drawn to the darker hours. The writer Toni Morrison once told The Paris Review that watching the night turn to day, with a cup of coffee in hand, made her feel like a “conduit” of creativity. “It’s not being in the light,” she said, “it’s being there before it arrives.” Whether they join Morrison before dawn or get going after dusk, many of history’s most imaginative minds have been inspired by dim lighting.

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