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Meet the woman who is the voice of Siri

GM Voices is nestled on a rolling, leafy road in Alpharetta, Georgia, an affluent suburb of Atlanta. A recording studio specializing in voice-over work, it produces narration for corporate training videos, voicemail system prompts, and the like — not exactly sexy stuff, but steady, and for the best actors, lucrative. September Day is one such actor, and on a morning in 2011, she arrived to begin work on a special project.

Day, a red-headed, 37-year-old mother of three who’s done work for many high-profile clients — companies like MTV, Dominos Pizza, and Nickelodeon — had been given few details. She knew she’d been hired to do a “text-to-speech” product — something where a computer reads text back in human speech — and she knew that she’d be doing her “early ‘20s” voice (she also has a spunky teen voice she’s used for, among other things, an acne infomercial).

via The Verge.

BlackBerry’s BBM messenger begins iOS rollout (but is suffering issues)

BlackBerry has finally released its BMM messaging service for iOS today. The app is currently available in a number of Asia-Pacific countries, including Malaysia, where it is past midnight on Sunday.

(We’ve encountered issues running the iOS app — so if you’re having problems, you’re not alone)

The Android version is expected to drop very soon, leaked versions have already been spotted across the Web.

Earlier this week, the company announced plans to release the apps this weekend, but there’s been uncertainty since the Android version didn’t arrive at 7:00 am EST as scheduled. The iOS version was set for Sunday September 22.

via The Next Web.

Death To Tech Specs

Reviewing Apple products can be a daunting task–not because they’re too complicated and nuanced to explain but because it’s hard not to use slobbering superlatives. To wit: This week, reviews of the iPhone 5s and 5c were brimming with praise: Critics described the phones’ polished and delightful experience, calling the 5s the “fastest” and “most advanced” and “most game-changing” iteration to date, “the best smartphone on the market [made] even better.”

The devices are, indeed, superb. That hasn’t changed for a while now. What’s shifted since Apple entered the mobile market is how critics talk about devices. It wasn’t that long ago that gigahertz and RAM capacity and L2 cache size and other tech jargon were top of mind for reviewers. And though such intricately detailed write-ups still crop up, most have skewed away from wonky, technical specifications and toward more experience-based product understandings.

via Fast Company.