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51% of Facebook Referrals for Publishers Come From Mobile

Facebook announced last October that the social network’s average referral traffic to media sites increased 170% in 2013. Now, we’re seeing mobile play an even larger role for publishers’ overall traffic.More than half of Facebook’s referral traffic to media sites in January 2014 came from mobile, according to a recent report from Shareaholic. Overall, 16.2% of site referrals came from Facebook.

The chart, created by Statista, tracks the increase of Facebook referral traffic mobile and non-mobile since September 2012. The publishers in question reach 250 million unique visitors per month.

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Why Facebook Had To Have WhatsApp

“The most important thing to understand about WhatsApp is just how terrifying it is to a company like Facebook. It can compete with Facebook on its most valuable turf — users’ smartphones and text conversations — without exhibiting aggressive business ambition.”

Facebook will acquire WhatsApp for over $16 billion, according to the company. This is an objectively enormous amount of money, and far more than Facebook offered for Snapchat. But WhatsApp is — or was — arguably the largest known threat to Facebook. It was one of the only services that could plausibly claim to be cannibalizing Facebook on a large scale, and one of a small few that pose to it an existential threat.

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Why Should You Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page?

If you are a businessman that is trying to market your business on the popular social networking site of Facebook, the first thing that you will need to create is a community.

If you do not have that, you do not really have anyone listening to you; and if there’s no one to listen to you, you cannot build brand awareness and deliver your desired Return on Investment. The best way you can have one fast is to buy Facebook fans.

You require a community that likes your stuff and shares your content with other interested people; and this can be made possible by buying FB likes. This works on the archaic saying “like begets like”. It can be explained in the sense that once people see so many likes on a page, they regard it to be something worthy; hence, liking the page themselves. This ultimately leads to a greater number of likes  and a bigger community of your business.

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