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Could Twitter Be the Next Big Platform for Apps?

You may have heard by now — King, maker of Candy Crush Saga, is a multi-billion-dollar mobile company.

What you may not know is that Facebook played a big part in making that happen. In little more than a year, Facebook has become a go-to spot for mobile app distribution, and it’s making money for both developers and for Facebook.

Here’s a thought experiment for you: Can Twitter replicate Facebook’s massive mobile app advertising success? It’s something that the microblogging service has toyed around with to some degree for a few years, though it has yet to take it truly seriously.

Facebook’s pitch to developers isn’t super complicated. The social media giant wants app developers large and small to integrate their apps with Facebook. That will surface app activity inside the Facebook News Feed, which could drive more downloads.

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How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username

I had a rare Twitter username, @N. Yep, just one letter. I’ve been offered as much as $50,000 for it. People have tried to steal it. Password reset instructions are a regular sight in my email inbox.

As of today, I no longer control @N. I was extorted into giving it up.

While eating lunch on January 20, 2014, I received a text message from PayPal for one-time validation code. Somebody was trying to steal my PayPal account. I ignored it and continued eating.

Later in the day, I checked my email which uses my personal domain name (registered with GoDaddy) through Google Apps. I found the last message I had received was from GoDaddy with the subject “Account Settings Change Confirmation.” There was a good reason why that was the last one.

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Retweets are the new unread books

Last weekend I talked to a friend and referenced an anecdote I had read. He looked confused, so I told him I read it in an article he tweeted earlier that day. His reply “Oh yeah, I retweeted it because I thought it would be an interesting article, but I didn’t click through.”

I was surprised for a moment but then realized I often do the same. I’ll see a title for a page and think ‘That must be interesting for some of my followers’ and then I will retweet it unseen. Somehow that feels weird though. Usually I just assume that people will have read an article before they retweet it. But I also know this isn’t true as I’ve seen posts in the past on this blog that for a short while had more retweets than unique visitors.

via The Next Web.