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Inkling’s E-Books Put the Consumer in Charge

The invention of the Kindle, we’re still consuming flat text files on devices capable of so much more.

Inkling, a digital publishing company founded by Apple alum Matt MacInnis in 2009, hopes to fulfill the early promises of e-readers by creating beautiful, interactive editions of reference titles with its software, Inkling Habitat.

While Amazon and other competitors have taken the traditional book and converted it to a digital format, Inkling is breaking away from the standard text file to create something more usable: interactive decks of cards covered with text, photos and video. With hundreds of titles already available for purchase for Apple devices, Inkling is launching the publishing industry into the digital age.

Inkling Habitat, a cloud-based, collaborative digital publishing software, is the cornerstone of the Inkling model, and has allowed the company to reimagine the definition of “e-book.”

via Mashable.