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Scary! Facebook Wants To Track Your Mouse Cursor…

Facebook has a knack for angering people with its privacy policies. The site already gathers and does god-knows-what with your pictures, private messages and more. But it still wants more information — including what, exactly, you’re doing with your mouse.

Facebook is working on new technology to track people’s behavior on the site, including where and when your mouse cursor hovers, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The WSJ spoke to Facebook’s analytics chief Ken Rudin, who said that Facebook is working on a “massive increase” in the amount of data Facebook collects about users’ behavior — everything from mouse movement to when the Facebook app is open on your smartphone. All of this is in the name of targeted advertising and an improved user experience.

Scared? For now, Facebook is just testing out this technology and hasn’t decided whether it’s going to really use new tracking tools yet.

via HuffingtonPost.