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Tiny Remote Is Like a Swiss Army Knife for Your Smartphone

Technologists in India have developed a Bluetooth-enabled device that can serve as a lost-and-found, a personal photographer, a pet sitter and a home security system.

Gecko is about the size of a quarter and can be programed to perform a host of functions – kind of like your smartphone’s very own Swiss Army knife.

Through low-energy Bluetooth technology, Gecko is a tiny wireless remote that lets you control your smartphone by shaking or turning it. You can program certain gestures to make an emergency call or skip to the next track on your playlist. It can be synced to your smartphone’s camera or a DSLR to take photos remotely, meaning your selfies aren’t limited to your arm’s length anymore.

The device can also operate as a motion detector that sends alerts to your phone when it moves. Attach it to a door as a security feature, and you’ll receive an alert whenever the door opens. A Gecko attached to your dog’s collar will let you know if he escapes from the backyard.

Or you can set it to alert you when things don’t move, too. Stick Gecko to loved one’s a pill box, and it will send you an alert if the box was not touched at a scheduled time (meaning that a dose was missed).

The device’s track-and-find function will also let you track down your smartphone – or any item that Gecko is attached to – if it’s misplaced.

via Mashable.