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Should Your Product Connect To The Internet Of Things?

Thanks to widespread Internet adoption and over 10 billion connected devices around the world, companies today are more excited than ever about the Internet of Things. Add in the hype about Google Glass and the Nest Thermostat, and nearly every business, including those from traditionally low-tech industries, wants to get on the cloud, track a group of devices, and gather data. The question, however, is not if a device can be connected, but why the company is connecting a previously “dumb” product to the cloud. Or stated differently, if a company invests in making my toaster talk to my lawnmower, is that really a good business decision and why?

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What to expect when everything’s connected

A future of ubiquitous computing — in traditional devices but also in everyday appliances and home goods — is near. Ahead of our Mobilize even next week we asked 10 thought leaders what this means for us.

We expect the Internet to grow from having 2.4 billion people, each with one to three devices online, today to hosting 5 billion people and

50 billion devices by 2020. How will our interactions, data, design and homes change when this happens? How do we need to change our networks, our thinking on security and our regulations? These are some of the questions we asked 10 thought leaders ahead of our Mobilize event on Oct. 16 and 17th.

We published the essays over the previous two weeks, but we also wanted to pull them into one place so people can reference them in their larger context and think about how ubiquitous computing will change our world. Pick your favorites, or read them all.

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