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Twitter announces IPO pricing of $26 per share with a valuation of $18.3 billion

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it will price its IPO at $26 per share when it begins trading on Thursday. The company plans to sell 70 million shares out of a total of 545 million outstanding shares.

via The Next Web.

As Twitter preps to go public, a look back at the performance of recent web IPOs

The most anticipated social media IPO since Facebook, Twitter will be priced at $17-$20 a share when it launches on the NYSE under the symbol TWTR in November. However, a stock’s initial share price doesn’t necessarily reflect how that stock will perform over time. Take a look, for example, at some recent social-mediaish IPOs compared to how their stock is doing now.

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How can a mobile messaging service be worth $28 billion?

Yesterday there were reports that Line, a messaging company that has gained strong traction in Japan and other parts of Asia, is planning an IPO at a rumored valuation of $28 billion. That figure certainly surprised a lot of people, in particular us at TNW who believe it to be somewhat inflated, but it isn’t as crazy as you might think.

Line has 230 million registered users, but the company declines to revealed how many are active users (it says 73 million use its timeline feature per month)

via The Next Web.