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Can You Predict Crowd Behavior? Big Data Can!

The 2012 elections were a hotbed of predictions, but one man’s election forecast stood out from the rest both in its boldness and in how wildly accurate it turned out to be. Nate Silver, a blogger and statistician gave then presidential incumbent, Barack Obama, more than a 90 percent chance of winning the election. In addition, in his last prediction he gave Mr. Obama 313 votes and Mr. Romney 225 votes with a margin of 14. The actual election results fell directly within this prediction with the incumbent garnering 303 electoral votes and Mitt Romney winning 206. While many disparaged Silver’s predictions as a ploy to try to swing the election (Silver was an open Obama supporter), it seemed Silver got the last laugh when his prediction came true.

via SmartData Collective.

Gartner’s Technology Predictions for 2014, 2015 and 2016

Research and advisory firm, Gartner, has released its list of technology predictions and trends for the years 2013 and beyond.

According to Gartner, its top predictions focus on economic risks, opportunities and innovations that will impel CIO’s to move to the next generation of business-driven solutions.

The predictions were selected from across Gartner’s research areas and address trends and topics that underline the reduction of control that IT has over the forces that affect it.

The predictions include:

By 2014
IT hiring in major Western markets will come predominantly from Asian-headquartered companies enjoying double-digit growth. An increasing number of successful Asian companies, particularly from China and India, will be responsible for major hiring of IT professionals to support their growth at a time when Western companies will still be coping with the impact of the economic crisis. Aggravating the disparity between the hiring practices of Western and Asian organisations will be the increased use of industrialised IT solutions, which will further reduce the IT staffing needs of Western firms.

Check out 2015 and 2016….