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You earn how much?! Breaking the workplace taboo

When Joel Gascoigne launched his start-up, he outlined some founding values of the fledgling company. One of the most important, he stressed, was openness.

But Gascoigne’s commitment to this principle went further than most, and resulted in him implementing a pay program at Buffer – the social media publishing platform he co-founded in 2010 – that breaks the most entrenched of workplace taboos: revealing one’s salary.

Now, rather than clandestinely speculating with colleagues at the water cooler, each employee knows exactly how much their colleagues earn, and Gascoigne is even considering making their salaries public.

“We have run Buffer with a focus on self-improvement since the beginning, where co-workers talk regularly about what they are working on to improve themselves,” he told CNBC. “It’s this openness and transparency which led to salary transparency feeling like simply a natural progression for us.”

via Yahoo Finance.