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What Will the Internet Be in 2050?

A global computer-based communication network has fundamentally changed our social, cultural, and political landscape over the past 20 years.  As an evolutionary anthropologist, I have to point out that there has been no previous communication revolution of this speed or intensity.  Consequently, this communication tool gives us the power to completely restructure our entire existence, both on an individual and collective level.

As inescapably pervasive as the Internet’s emergence has been, fewer scientists are studying it, than you would think.  Even fewer scientists are attempting to situate its emergence within the context of our technological evolution, or understand its potential future development in the 21st century.

So I’ll ask… what will the Internet be in 2050?

via Scientific American.

Shadow: A Beautiful App That Tracks Your Dreams

Shadow is an app that helps you record and remember your dreams. At its most basic level, Shadow is an alarm clock that gradually wakes users up by increasing the volume and vibration. This allows users to gently rise from sleep, which increases the likelihood of them remembering their dreams.

It’s a morning ritual: The alarm goes off, we groggily open our eyes, and promptly forget everything that passed through our brains during the night. It’s estimated that we forget 95 percent of our dreams within five minutes of waking up, meaning we lose the bulk of the the weird and potentially insightful stuff we think about while asleep. There are ways to abate that, but none are ideal. Dream journals are high-maintenance and just a little too new age, and the apps available leave much to be desired from an interaction and design standpoint. But Shadow, a new app recently launched on Kickstarter for funding, could be a convenient and beautifully designed solution to the problem of forgetting our dreams.

via Wired Design.