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Good News: We’re Not Axing Net Neutrality. Bad News: US Gov Probably Shutting Down

The intersection of fiscal politics, national crisis, and technology regulation is a silly place, as there should be no overlapping space between the three issues. And yet.

Good news: We’re not ending net neutrality. The bad news, depending on your politics, is that we’re likely going to shut down the United States government. That said, the current Washington dynamic has offered up a new fact: Technology policy and regulation is game for political football.

That’s a damn shame. Long gone now, it seems, are the days in which technology managed to steer mostly clear of politics. Perhaps there never was such a time, and we have merely invented it. But whether it did or did not exist before, it is certainly gone now. Let’s review.

A House bill that would fund the government, but remove funding for the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), was slapped down in the Senate. The House began to compile a bill to replace its first effort that contained a grab-bag of conservative wishes. One of those wishes was the ‘blocking’ of net neutrality.

via TechCrunch.

Before & After iOS 7: How Your Favorite Apps Are Changing

Flat. With one word Apple didn’t just change its look on mobile, but mandated an industry-wide face-lift. For iOS 7′s launch later today, chrome, navigation buttons, and textured title bars are getting replaced with more content, gesture-controlled navigation, and single-colored panels. Here’s a before and after look at the redesigns rolled out to some of the top third-party iOS apps, along with our analysis and thoughts from developers.

“We redesigned to focus on the content over the chrome — what the writer intends to convey and not the UI” says Quora‘s Marc Bodnick about the question-and-answer app’s makeover. The startup rebuilt Quora 3.0 for iPhone from the ground up in three months, and says it will be available for iPad and iPad mini by the end of the year.

via TechCrunch.